SweetBoy, Ben

Ben Sidell is the pastry chef at seafood destination Saltie Girl Los Angeles, as well as the founder of bakery pop-up, SweetBoy. Born and raised in Boston among a family of restaurateurs, food has always been foundational in Sidell’s life. From gathering around a table at a new restaurant to spending time in the kitchen with his mother and Saltie Girl founder, Kathy Sidell, his favorite memories are of those spent sharing a meal with loved ones. 

A graduate of University of Southern California and Harvard University’s MFA acting program. In between bookings, he began baking for family gatherings as a way to contribute to the meals his mother prepared. The hobby quickly evolved into a passion as Sidell started sharing his baking endeavors with friends and industry colleagues, as well. In December 2019, Sidell launched SweetBoy as a side business out of his sister’s home kitchen, and by March 2020 he was baking full time. Sidell crafted cookies, custom cakes and signature SweetBuns to bring comfort to others during the early months of the pandemic, quickly garnering a dedicated following. As attention for his pastries grew, Sidell received private commissions for custom desserts for HBO Max's We're Here and Curb Your Enthusiasm, among others. 

In 2022, Sidell teamed up with his mother Kathy and Saltie Girl culinary director Kyle McClelland to lend his pastry talents to the dessert program at Saltie Girl’s Los Angeles location. Sidell’s menu showcases playful twists on classic desserts and reinvented versions of beloved family recipes such as a Yuzu Persimmon Tart, Apple Tarte Tatin and Warm Chocolate Chip Cookies with housemade soft serve. Sidell's expertise is also on display in the Everything Buns that accompany the restaurant's caviar service. On weekends, SweetBoy fans will continue to find a rotating selection of cookies and proprietary buns available for pick-up from Saltie Girl. 

Outside of Saltie Girl, Sidell continues to pursue his acting career with recent appearances in Sharp Stick (2022), Don’t Look Up (2021) and Someone Great (2019).